Preach The Gospel. Heal The Sick

To witness the merciful love of Christ through service to the poor and sick.

The Order of St. Camillus is a devout group of Roman Catholic men dedicated to caring for the sick, both in the United States and abroad. It takes great commitment to provide healthcare according to the precepts of the Order. However, we find a wellspring of internal strength by truly following the teachings of Jesus, who said: “Blessed are you, for I was sick and you visited me” (Mt 25.40) and “What you have done to the least of my brothers and sisters, you have done to me.” (Mt 25.36)

To carry out His teachings, we follow in the footsteps of our Founder, Saint Camillus de Lellis. Over 400 years ago, St. Camillus encouraged his followers to love the sick as deeply and unconditionally as a mother loves her sick child. It’s still our mantra today.

We invite you to read more about the Camillians’ work. We pray that your heart may be a kind and docile one, capable of following His promptings to go wherever He may lead you, and to help in whichever way He guides you to help.

Mercy to the Sick

The Charism Of the Order of St. Camillus

The charism was given initially by God to the Founder, but it evolves, develops, and renews itself within the life of the Order founded by him. It is from the Founder himself and from the Constitution that we draw our strength from the charism given by God to Camillus and to his sons and daughters. The charism of mercy towards the sick as Camillus understood it and as it is understood in our day is based on the following two pillars:

Complete Service to the Sick.

Camillus, wanting to restore the pastoral practice of his time, brought about the complete service to the sick by concentrating on both spiritual and corporal needs.

The Camillians Recognize that we are serving Christ in the person of the sick, and at the same time are an expression of the merciful Christ who is serving the sick.

The New School of Love

The gift or charism received by Camillus and passed on to the Camillians was not confined to the care of the sick and dying. St. Camillus was called by God to assist the sick and to teach others how to serve them.

Today there is a strong commitment in the Order to promote modern schools of love for the sick, to animate and advance not only among Camillian religious but also among other religious and laity who share our mission in the world of healthcare.

This is realized through schools and centers of training that can be a living expression of love equipped with science and technical know­ how to better serve the sick


The Camillians have a presence in 42 countries around the world, with our ministry being as diverse as the people we serve. Along with the Laity the Camillian Religious serve in a variety of roles guided by the Charism.


Throughout the world, Camillians serve in over 91 Hospitals owned by the Order. The Camillians serve as doctors, nurses, and administrators in hospitals from large metro facilities in Brazil to smaller centers in more remote regions such as the Central African Republic.

Social Health

The Camillians own and operate over 115 Health Centers, which focus on specific needs. These centers include service to the elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, disabled children, addiction centers, nutrition centers, and other social health services.


The Order owns multiple Universities and education centers around the world that focus primarily on healthcare but include other programs as well.


Chaplaincy makes up the bulk of the Camillian Ministry in the world, with Camillians serving in over 170 public and private hospitals worldwide.


The Camillian missions, in following with the church, want to be the presence of the merciful Christ in the “great sea of charity,” according to St. Camillus. We realize this through a variety of Missions throughout the world to bring the light of Christ to those who need it most.

Do You Want to Serve?

Find out how you can serve the poor and the sick as a Lay Person or Religious.

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