A New Presence in Los Angeles, California

The USA Camillian Delegation is pleased to announce a new Camillian presence in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the state of California. On August 14th, 2019, Fr. Pedro Tramontin, the Provincial Delegate of the USA Camillian Delegation, traveled to Los Angeles together with Frs. Peter Pham (From the Vietnam Camillian Delegation) and Renato Prado (From the Brazilian Province). There they met with the regional Bishop Alex Aclan and Monsignor Jim Harley, the vicar for clergy in the Archdiocese, to sign the agreement between the USA Camillian Delegation and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The two Camillian Priests officially began their ministry at Our Lady of Peace Parish on August 15th, coinciding with the feast day of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They shall serve as parish assistants to Fr. Manuel Baeza, the Administrator of the Parish, for one year, at which point the agreement will be revisited.

Situated in the San Fernando Valley, the Our Lady of Peace Parish serves a diverse community, north of the City of Los Angeles. The church was first built in 1937 and officially established in 1944. The Parish comprises parishioners of various ages, ethnicities, cultures, and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The various languages in which the masses are offered, which includes English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese testifies to the multicultural make-up of the Parish

The Our Lady of Peace Parish offers a variety of services to both parishioners and the community. First, the Parish is home to Our Lady of Peace School. Formally erected in 1954, the school teaches children from kindergarten to 8th grade in the school building next to the church.

The Parish is actively involved in charitable work within the community. This includes organizing food pantry for those in need and the homeless and financially supporting the formation of seminarians. The Parish is home to a vibrant youth group. Composed of children of all ages, the youth group offers a place for young Catholics to continue in their faith formation along with their peers. The group is active in both the church and the community and allows the youth to worship and serve together. The future of the country and the Catholic Church belongs to them. Journeying with them in faith, hope, and love is a ministry of accompaniment.

The presence of the Camillians in the Los Angeles area offers many opportunities for them to spread the charism of God’s mercy, compassion, and tenderness for those who are sick, poor, the weak and marginalized. The Camillian presence in Los Angeles brings the charism of the Order to a younger, multicultural population. The Camillians ministering in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will be able to build up the Local Church and enrich it with their presence.

The promotion of vocations will take priority through active engagement of the Camillians with the youth, young professionals, and others who may have vocational calling to the religious life. Promoting the Lay Camillian Family and mobilizing resources for the international interventions, programs, and services of the Camillian Disaster Service USA can also be undertaken as part of the initiatives of the Camillians in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. As such, the Camillian USA Delegation serves a broader spectrum of those in need, in ways that may be appealing to those who seek meaning and purpose to their lives and have a vocational calling.

-Fr. Pedro Tramontin

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