Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

What is CPE?

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a training program that combines theory with practice enabling the participants to bring comfort, compassion, strength and inner healing, if needed, to those who are sick, handicapped, or aging. In CPE, theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious communities, and qualified lay people, minister to people in crisis situations under the training of an ACPE Certified Educator.

How does CPE work?

Out of intense involvement with ACPE Certified Educator/s, other students, people in crisis, and other professionals, CPE students are challenged to improve, deepen, and expand the quality of their pastoral relationships. Through viewing complicated life situations from different viewpoints, students are able to gain new insights and understanding about the human situation. Theological and pastoral reflection is important in CPE as pastoral people seek ways to integrate theology with life experience.

About Us

The Camillian Order, which sponsors the St. Camillus Campus, is comprised of Roman Catholic priests and brothers who have existed for more than 400 years working in the health care field.

The Camillians brought their ministry to the United States in the early 1920s. Their approach to health care is holistic and ecumenical.

By providing services to the poor, the sick, and the elderly with a sense of compassion and love, the St. Camillus Campus offers hope and meaning to those who are suffering, comfort and security to those who are aging, and serenity to those who are dying, taking into account each person’s innate dignity, unique needs, and God given rights.

In the words of St. Camillus de Lellis, “The poor and the sick are the heart of God. By serving them we serve Jesus, the Christ.” Today more than ever, the health care world needs caring and compassionate people; perhaps you are just such a person.

St. Camillus CPE Program

Our CPE program offers Level I and Level II Curriculum to CPE students.

Level I CPE addresses basic competencies and issues of pastoral reflection, pastoral formation, pastoral identity and functioning in one or more units of CPE. A CPE student must meet Level I CPE outcomes, as documented in the ACPE Certified Educator’s evaluation, as a prerequisite for acceptance in Level II CPE.

Level II CPE addresses advanced competencies and issues of pastoral function, reflection, and integration. Level II competencies are met through a program of at least four units of CPE, including Level I CPE units completed in one or more authorized ACPE centers.

When do we offer CPE?

St. Camillus offers two units of CPE in one year:

Summer Program – Eleven weeks of intensive training starting on the last week of May ending on the second week of August. Students will also participate in our Weekend Chaplain on Duty program where they will dedicate three weekend days to ministry on campus.

Extended Program Seven months of training starting on the second Tuesday in September and ending on the first Tuesday of March. Students will meet on Tuesdays for group education and will choose an additional day for their clinical ministry component. Students will also participate in our Weekend Chaplain on Duty Program where they will dedicate seven weekend days to ministry on campus.

Why do CPE at St. Camillus?

St. Camillus offers a full continuum of care for seniors. We serve those who are functioning independently, those that need assisted living, those in memory care, and those requiring the skilled care needs of a Health Center environment. We have married couples, siblings, widows and residents whose spouses live in the community. Medical conditions experienced by our residents are those common to the aged population. We have a blend of those with dementia at all stages of the disease and with those who are in their 90’s and are cognitively intact. Most of our residents participate in their health care and strive to maintain their independence through preventative care and medical follow up. Families play an important role in supporting them through their golden years.

The Clinical Pastoral Education student is provided with an environment rich in learning. St. Camillus provides a host of opportunities to observe, interact, and support our seniors, their families, and the staff who provide services to them whether in our independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and hospice. Examining and witnessing the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of aging provide the student with a learning experience of human growth and dignity.

Please send your questions & application materials to:

Rev. Agustin (Jojo) Orosa, MI
10101 W. Wisconsin Ave. • Wauwatosa, WI 53226
P: 414.259.4678 • F: 414.259.4987 • jorosa@stcam.com

Melissa Shafer, Program Development Coordinator
P: 414.259.3710 • mshafer@stcam.com
Our Center is under the accreditation of:

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Ste. 835 | Atlanta, GA 30308
404.320.1472 | http://www.acpe.edu

Other Relevant Information:
ACPE Official Website – http://www.ACPE.edu
National Association of Catholic Chaplains – http://www.NACC.org
Association of Professional Chaplains – http://www.APC.org

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