The First Camillian Community in the United States

In September of 1919, the Superior of the German Province of The Order of St. Camillus received a letter from Rev. James Durward of the diocese of St. Paul, Minnesota. Father Durward offered to donate the Order a beautiful spot of scenic splendor called Durward’s Glen, near Baraboo, Wisconsin. With the offer came the conditionContinue reading “The First Camillian Community in the United States”

Community Takes Love

I really don’t think that I can give a good all-encompassing definition of community. I know that it is made up of all types of individuals from all types of backgrounds. Somehow, some way, these people come together and form a unit. This process of coming together is not a haphazard or spontaneous thing. ItContinue reading “Community Takes Love”

The Fourth Vow

The “Fourth vow” is a religious solemn vow that is taken by members of various religious institutes of the Catholic Church, after the three traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. It usually is an expression of the congregation’s charism and particular insertion in the apostolic field of the Church. The Order of the Ministers of the Infirm (Order ofContinue reading “The Fourth Vow”