Religious Vocations

Religious Vocations

Serve the Sick and the Poor as a Priest or Brother

Religious Life

St. Camillus de Lellis is champion of Christian charity, who translated the compassionate love of Jesus to the sick and the poor, in a heroic manner, in his own life when Europe was facing ‘black death’ during the 16th century.

He served the plague-stricken at the risk of his own life as a ‘mother care for her only son who is sick.’ He brought light and hope, love, and compassion into the most vulnerable moments of human life. The life and ministry of St. Camillus challenge us today to heal and humanize the less fortunate millions of sick and poor around the world.

Serving the sick as a physician, nurse, chaplain, technician, social worker, therapist, administrator, or other allied healthcare profession is challenging, rewarding, and vitally important work. For some men, this work is a vocation – a call to fulfill themselves by serving the sick as a member of a religious community.

For these men, the common mission is the opportunity to serve the sick while growing personally and spiritually as they transcend immediate material needs and find meaning in their lives by making a difference.

The Order of St. Camillus serves in 42 countries with a total membership of about 1,100 priests and brothers around the world.

The Order is comprised of Roman Catholic priests and brothers who have existed for more than 400 years working in the healthcare field.

Camillian healthcare workers help the sick and dying so that they may feel through them the loving hand of God, even in their darkest hours.

Do You Hear Gods Calling?

Find out if Serving as a Priest or Brother in the Order of St. Camillus is right for you.

Who Can Join?

To become a member, one has to be between the ages of 21 and 40 years of age. The main qualifications are to want to work with the sick and to want to live in a community that cares for the sick. We have no formal educational requirements, but the person must be capable of studying to perform the ministries that are typical of the Camillians. Above all, the person must have a heart for the sick and want to devote the rest of their lives to caring for the sick.
Some requirements include…

If one has converted to the Roman Catholic faith, a period of three years must have elapsed between the person’s Confirmation or Baptism into the Roman Church and the beginning of the Pre-Novitiate Program.

The candidate must be single (not previously married, or if married, the marriage must have been annulled or the spouse deceased). There must not be children or an ex-spouse depending on the candidate financially.

If the candidate has some outstanding debts, these must be discussed with the Vocation Director, and the financial status will be reviewed at the time of a visit for interviews.
The candidate’s health must be stable and such that the assigned ministries can be performed.

Contact Us To Learn More

As the Camillians have a worldwide presence, our ministry varies from place to place, but our mission remains the same, to serve the sick and the poor.

 The calling to the Order of St. Camillus is one taken by few but appreciated by many. When answering God’s call in life, whether to this Order or another, you will go through a discernment journey – and we are here to help in your own personal exploration.

God has a plan for each and every one of us. Our goal is simply to offer you information that may help you find if the Order of St. Camillus is right for you. As a result, the Order of St. Camillus will never pressure you to make any decisions or commitments. Were here to help, and should the Order of St. Camillus not be a good fit for you, we would be more than happy to assist you in finding another religious community.

Fill out the contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. Of course, we can be reached by phone as well at 414-259-4595

Thank you!

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